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Last Chance Grouper  Nov/Dec 2010 Florida Sport Fishing

Snappa' Success  March/April 08 Florida Sport Fishing

The Keys Angler  Southwest Coastal Report Monthly  By: Captain Joe Cacaro
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Florida Sport Fishing


Angler's Outlook:   5/23/01
by: Red Stier, Marco Island Eagle, Copyright 2001 Naples Daily News. All rights reserved.
Snapper Lite By Captain Joe Cacaro
The Great Divide  By Captain Joe Cacaro
Recipe:  UNREEL Snapper              By:  Captain Joe Cacaro
The following ingredients are placed into your food processor and made into a paste for covering your fillets before baking.  Extra virgin olive oil - 4-6oz. Balsamic vinegar 2oz.  1-Elephant garlic clove.  Parsley or Cilantro (flat leaf) a handful.  Worcestershire - 4 tsp.  Green Onion - 4 stalks.  Basil - 10-12 leaves.  Salt and Pepper to taste.  Place fillets in a foil boat, cover generously with your paste and bake at 250 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until fish turns white, then broil for about 1 minute.  Watch to not burn the sauce.  Joe also suggests using your leftover garlic, basil and olive oil along with cup of water and slow cook asparagus for a great side dish.
  Published in the Marco River Marina Newsletter, March, 2001

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